Supplying the right candidates that enhance your placement success

Proactive and Reactive Candidate Search

At LevelUp, our sourcers operate as adjuncts to our clients’ in-house recruiters. We find the candidates that our clients’ recruiters might lack the time to source or may not have the expertise to identify.

Database Tools

We leverage an array of resources to locate candidates. Our sourcers deploy state-of-the-art tools to boost their productivity. Equipped with access to multiple 1st party and 3rd party databases, they can concurrently search from multiple resources while operating within an Applicant Tracking System.

Performance Tracking

Candidate resumes are directly uploaded to our clients’ Applicant Tracking System or forwarded via email. Candidate Submission Reports outline each candidate submitted for that job order, the source of the resume, and their verified contact details. Crucially, the report ranks each candidate with an explanation to help the recruiter comprehend the candidates’ pros and cons.

Database Consolidation

When time-to-hire is pivotal for success, a solid and updated resume database is a key profitability driver. LevelUp can sanitize corrupted databases by:

Replacing obsolete resumes with updated ones

Sourcing new suitable candidates

Removing irrelevant profiles

A powerful database is essential when:

  1. Clients have a high volume of entry-level job openings
  2. Recruiters need extensive candidate lists to contact each morning
  3. Clients frequently hire for the same position in the same location
  4. Recruiters prefer to converse with candidates in their specialty area before they become active job seekers

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