Enhanced processes, management,
training and tools to drive superior hiring

Recruiting Platform

Our platform operates as a potent motivating force, guiding our employees towards adopting proven, effective strategies to enhance client performance. This innovative system ensures our workforce stays aligned with each client’s unique objectives and optimizes results to their satisfaction.
Data analytics and performance management play a pivotal role in this process. Our seasoned sourcers and recruiters harness these tools to sift through a sea of potential candidates, identifying only those who fit the distinct needs of each job order. Their expertise, combined with these cutting-edge tools, empowers them to find the ideal match for every role, a critical element for businesses to flourish and outperform in their respective industries.

Our Process


Client and LevelUp mutually agree to establish a collaborative relationship tailored to optimally serve the client's requirements


Job orders assigned to teams specializing in relevant verticals and industries


Assigned team screens and qualifies candidates using rubric custom designed for the role that is being targeted

Job Order

LevelUp receives job order from client and intake call confirms requirements


Team identifies best fit from active and passive candidate profiles


Qualified candidates are delivered to client’s hiring manager with dossier and feedback


LevelUp utilizes data analytics to tailor its sourcing and recruiting tactics

VMS/MSP Support

The use of data-driven decisions has proven to be particularly effective for enhancing the performance of high-volume VMS/MSP accounts

Data-Driven Recruitment

Beyond using operational data like submits, presents, interviews, offers and placements to enhance the performance of our recruiters, we also monitor interviews and placements categorized by MSP programs and individual program managers

Actionable Insights

Our broad scope allows us to pinpoint trends, guiding our clients on which programs and program managers to focus on or steer clear of

Performance Management

Our platform gathers performance data daily, keeping track of key metrics (such as daily submittals, interviews per submittal, offers per interview and placements per offer among others) for each account on a weekly basis.
We establish specific targets for each account and in the event that these targets are not being met, we have a well-documented procedure in place for implementing necessary corrective measures.

Candidate Sourcing Tools

The sourcers and recruiters at LevelUp draw from a comprehensive array of resources to pinpoint potential candidates and acquire their contact information. 70% of job seekers are passive, which requires having extensive reach.


Our sourcing tools encompass:
(a) Paid job boards
(b) Licensed candidate databases
(c) SEO and Paid Search
(d) Social media
(e) Niche job boards
(f) Contact discovery tools

Professional Outreach

We scour professional and local organization discussion groups, newsletters and blogs, conference attendee lists and university alumni sites for potential leads


If given access by our clients, we delve into their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). In addition, LevelUp boasts an in-house resume database of over 2+ million candidates, which serves as another substantial asset in our sourcing efforts.

Professional Mentoring and Education (PME)

All LevelUp team members enjoy skill improvement and career growth through Professional Mentoring and Education (PME). PME is our hub for comprehensive development, from onboarding to continuous skill refinement and leadership development.

Having successfully trained hundreds of members, we now use a cloud-based platform for effective learning solution delivery.
Our training offerings blend various modalities:
1. eLearning Courses
2. Tele-video Sessions,
3. Supervised On-the-job Training
4. Personalized Coaching
Our platform offers an ever-growing selection of courses in diverse areas such as sourcing, recruiting, tool proficiency, technology literacy, and leadership skills. Our team can access this comprehensive knowledge base anytime, facilitating convenient and continuous upskilling.

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