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LevelUp Provides a Gateway to Talent – Trusted, Transparent, Proven

LevelUp serves as an enhancement to our clients' internal sourcing and recruitment processes

Our role is to provide qualified candidate submissions in order to reduce the number of steps required by our clients to make a rapid hiring decision


Dedicated sourcers who meticulously search to find both active and passive candidates who perfectly match your job requirements. We continuously update our databases, identify promising applicants and perform tailored research to meet your specific needs.


Our experienced recruiters conduct interviews, assess qualifications and negotiate compensation packages for both permanent employees and contractors. We collaborate with direct clients, engage with Managed Service Providers (MSPs) on Vendor Management System (VMS) accounts and undertake substantial hiring projects.

Talent Management

LevelUp offers comprehensive talent solutions by assembling teams consisting of sourcers, recruiters, account managers and program managers. Our integrated approach ensures comprehensive, end-to-end management of your talent acquisition needs.

Why partner with LevelUp Talent?

Harness the Power of Our Robust Talent Acquisition Strategies

Expertise and

LevelUp leverages rich industry-specific knowledge and expertise, staying current with talent acquisition trends and technologies. We apply proven methods from our extensive recruitment experience to enhance your hiring process.


LevelUp provides a scalable solution to meet fluctuating recruitment needs. Whether you're looking to fill a few niche roles or have a large-scale hiring project, we can easily scale up or down based on your requirements.


Outsourcing to LevelUp decreases cost-per-hire and time-to-fill with streamlined processes and technologies, freeing your team for strategic tasks.

Quality Candidates

Access to our vast talent networks and sophisticated sourcing allows LevelUp to identify high-quality, suitable candidates that may otherwise be unreachable.


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